Scientists: the weight of the Earth's technosphere is 30 trillion. tons

An international team of scientists led by Mark Williams, professor at the University of Leicester (UK), has calculated the approximate mass of the Earth's technosphere. It turned out that it is 30 trillion. tons.

The concept of "technosphere" includes everything that is created by people - homes, businesses, farms, computer systems, smartphones and so on, including household and industrial waste. This is a truly gigantic figure. It turns out that for every square meter of our planet there are up to 50 kg of the products of human activity.

According to Professor Williams, the technosphere was formed on the "body" of the biosphere and already partially parasitizes on it, due to its rapid growth. However, in comparison with the biosphere, it has very limited possibilities for processing what it itself produces, as evidenced by the huge amount of waste. It is waste that can ultimately halt the development of the technosphere.

“There is another indicator of the technosphere in addition to its mass, ” continues Williams' colleague Professor Waters, “it is a huge variety of material objects from simple tools, coins, ballpoint pens, books and discs to the most complex computers and smartphones. Much of this, buried in the ground, will remain in the future in the form of a layer that can be conventionally called "techno-fossil".

Man-made fossils must be qualified in the same way as fossil remains, based on their shape and structure. Currently, the diversity of techno-fossils is approximately one billion species, far exceeding the number of biotic species living today.