Computer keyboard can help diagnose Parkinson's disease

A team of researchers has found a way to early detect the symptoms of Parkinson's disease using a conventional computer keyboard. True, this still requires a special application.

In this case, the study used monitoring of motor effects during keystrokes, for which the scientists recruited 42 patients with early-stage Parkinson's disease and 43 healthy volunteers. They were asked to type a piece of text for 10-15 minutes on a keyboard connected to a computer with special software.

Subsequent analysis revealed significant differences in the timing of keystrokes between sick and healthy participants in the experiment. As one of the leading researchers, Luca Giancardo, said, this approach to diagnosis is no different from interacting with conventional digital devices.

“We were able to identify the characteristic signs that allow us to identify the disease, ” he continues. "We believe that our work will help fill the gaps between visits to a neurologist or between tests that cannot be performed continuously."

Unfortunately, Parkinson's disease is incurable yet, but scientists hope that their method will help with early diagnosis of this serious ailment and will contribute to more effective treatment.