A child was born from three biological parents

John Chang of New Hope Fertility Medical Center in New York is the world's leading expert on "spindle nuclear transfer". This method can help solve the problem of hereditary mitochondrial diseases. But since we are talking about genetic experiments on humans, the doctor was banned from conducting a trial operation in the United States and it took place in Mexico.

The problem of mitochondrial disease affects 1, 000 to 4, 000 women per year in the United States alone, but worse, this disease is inherited. Dr. Chang broke the vicious circle by transplanting part of the mother's egg nucleus into a donor egg, which, after being fertilized with his father's sperm, was carried by a surrogate mother. As a result, a male baby was born, whose DNA was free of "wrong" genes.

The effect of the experiment is colossal for a number of reasons. First, a healthy child was born to a woman who, due to her genetic disease, could not become a mother for 20 years in a row. Secondly, this is an example of a successful and rational intervention in the human genome for medical purposes. Third, for a number of reasons, this method is more preferable for religious parents who cannot have children in the usual way.

On the other hand, Dr. Chan committed the crime of openly violating the ban on human genetic engineering. The fact that Mexico has no rules in this regard is not an indulgence. Now he has to defend his case for a long time and unsuccessfully at various conferences and proceedings initiated by his conservative colleagues.