The secret of the "golden" Nazi train can be solved by the end of the week

A year ago, two Polish researchers made a sensational statement about the discovery of traces of a Nazi train lost during the Second World War with looted valuables and gold. After several months of searching with the help of georadar, they finally decided on the exact location, not forgetting to warn that the "golden" Nazi train may well turn out to be a myth. Now the researchers, armed with several excavators, decided to put an end to this story.

A brief history of the lost train. During the Second World War, the Nazis used the forced labor of thousands of prisoners to dig underground tunnels in Poland. In one of them in the south-west of the country near the town of Walbrzych, according to some information, a secret train with gold and jewelry taken from the occupied countries of Europe was hidden.

After the end of the war, no one ever tried to dig the ill-fated tunnel, as it was unsafe due to possible accumulations of methane. No less dangerous could be the fact that the train would be mined. But it seems that these problems will be left behind.

On Tuesday morning, prospecting work is to begin, which will dot the i's. The team believes that the search will take no more than two days.

“A train is not a needle in a haystack, ” explains spokesman Andrzej Gajek. “If it exists, we will find it.”

At the end of the week, perhaps the world will finally know: the Nazi "golden" train is a reality or just one of the legends of the past.