Scientists from California propose to create a backup of humanity and launch it into space

The idea of ​​creating a kind of "backup" of human genetics and knowledge excites the minds of scientists. Physics professor Philip Lubin and his colleagues from the University of California proposed their own version. Their project can already be viewed and financially supported on Kickstarter.

The essence of the project called "Voices of Humanity" is the use of lasers to transmit information to the "space cloud" in the event of a global catastrophe that threatens the death of our civilization.

The initial requests of the founders of the Voices of Humanity project are very modest - $ 30, 000. These funds will be used to launch the "chip of humanity" with the collected data into low-earth orbit in mid-2017.

But after collecting $ 100, 000, Philip Lubin and his colleagues will have the opportunity to build a sophisticated laser robotic telescope with which it will be possible to transmit information to any point in space.

In the long term, the project participants intend to transmit information about the Earth to a space satellite using a laser, and then send it deep into the Universe. Already, sponsors of the project can prepare their messages and even DNA samples for our distant brothers in mind.