Nuclear physicists from Novosibirsk have figured out how to power satellites from Earth

The know-how of Novosibirsk physicists in the future may allow completely ridding satellites in near-earth orbit of bulky and insufficiently efficient solar panels. According to one of the leading employees of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Nikolai Vinokurov, modern satellites literally sit on an energy "diet" limited to 10 kilowatts, which they receive from onboard solar panels.

The idea of ​​Russian scientists is to deliver energy in the form of infrared radiation to spacecraft directly from Earth. The new technology will be able to increase their energy resource by 10 times.

This will be possible thanks to free electron lasers. Their powerful beams will become a kind of "refueling hoses" through which the required amount of energy will be delivered to the satellites.

So far, this is only an idea, the implementation of which will require huge funds and the solution of the most complex technological problems. However, representatives of domestic and foreign structures related to space exploration have already shown interest in it.