Unexplored microorganisms found deep under the seabed

Probably, many will be surprised that the largest aquifer is located deep under the bottom of the World Ocean with a volume of liquid that is about 2% of the entire water of the ocean itself.

According to scientists, the oceanic aquifer of the earth's crust is also the largest ecosystem that affects the life of the oceans. True, the extent of this influence has not yet been fully understood.

Getting to the cherished pallet horizon was not so easy. They had to go down to a depth of 4, 3 km and then go deep into the bottom for another 250 meters, before the scientists got the soil with samples of microorganisms in their hands.

According to Julie Huber, an employee of the Marine Biological Laboratory, in many cases there are similarities between the bacteria living under the bottom and their relatives living in the near-bottom waters. However, we are not talking about complete similarity. Scientists point out certain differences. For example, microorganisms in the aquifer are additionally stored with carbon.

Scientists have found that the oceanic crust constantly interacts with the ocean, thanks to the seawater penetrating deep through the numerous bottom cracks, thereby forming an aquifer. As a result of circulation, all ocean water goes through this cycle for 200, 000 years.