Siberian scientists have improved the technology of diffusion welding

The idea of ​​diffusion welding and its implementation (1953) belongs to the outstanding Soviet scientist N.F. Kazakov. The essence of this revolutionary method lies in the name itself: dissimilar metals are "welded" together literally at the atomic level, for which they are subjected to pressure and heating in a vacuum. To increase the efficiency of diffusion, Siberian scientists suggested using special layers.

Galina Zeer, a specialist in the field of materials science and her colleagues from Novosibirsk, have developed an intermediate layer that minimizes a number of effects associated with this type of welding, which negatively affect the quality of the weld. This minimizes the deformation of the materials and parts being welded, which almost inevitably occurs at high pressure and temperature.

Scientists believe that the improved diffusion welding method will significantly improve the quality of the joint, and, consequently, the products produced with its help.