Russian scientists have come up with an express method for determining hepatitis

Now, in order to determine the presence of the hepatitis virus, you do not need to do complex laboratory tests. A special quartz resonator developed at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (Novosibirsk) will do this in a few moments.

The new method allowed Siberian scientists to compose a kind of "portrait" of a dangerous virus - to determine its structure. It turned out that, once on any surface, it seems to stick to it and is no longer able to separate from it completely. As a result, the process of its disintegration into separate parts begins. At the moment of separation of one of the fragments, an acoustic signal is generated.

The method of Russian scientists makes it possible to determine the strength of the adhesion of the virus to the surface and to record the moment of separation. The quartz resonator reacts sensitively to the “sound” characteristic only of the hepatitis virus, completely eliminating the error.

It remains to consolidate the obtained encouraging results with the creation of a portable device for carrying out express analysis. This is what Siberian physicists are doing now together with specialists from MBA Technology.