The scientist suggested using amber as a fuel additive

The Baltic coast of the Kaliningrad region has been known since ancient times for its amber deposits, which are used (after appropriate processing) to create jewelry. But not every piece of amber can turn into an exquisite brooch or luxurious beads. A significant part of it is unsuitable for processing.

Boris Vorotnikov, head of the Department of Chemistry of the Kaliningrad Technical University, claims that he has found a worthy use for amber waste, for which it must be dissolved. Liquid amber has proven to be a unique fuel additive in low temperature conditions. Its freezing temperature is about minus 100 ° C.

In addition, the amber liquid can be used to remove ice, wash off ice from a car, "drive" water out of the engine, and clean fuel filters. Inspired by his success, the scientist has already begun to create a fuel additive based on liquid amber. In short, the local amber industry will have something to do in the near future.

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that Vorotnikov is far from the first who became interested in the unknown properties of amber. In the mid-90s, while on a scientific trip to Switzerland, he got acquainted with the works of local alchemists of the Middle Ages, who "provoked" him to take up this topic.