Supercomputer "Lobachevsky" helped scientists to create "Cyberheart"

A group of scientists from Nizhny Novgorod University is engaged in the implementation of a unique project to create a hardware and software complex "Cyberheart". The project is financed from a federal government grant.

Cyberheart is a purely research project, since such experiments on a living heart are very risky. The computer model created by scientists will simulate a variety of situations associated with heart problems.

According to Grigory Osipov, head of the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, in this way it is possible to test any drugs and methods of treating cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, this system can be adapted for a specific patient, since the data of the results of medical observations, including computed tomography, are entered into the program.

Cyberheart is highly mobile. For example, an electrocardiogram sent over a wireless network will help the doctor quickly assess the patient's condition and prescribe the optimal course of treatment. The first owners of "Cyberheart" will be Nizhny Novgorod medical institutions.

The nearest perspective of scientists and the supercomputer "Lobachevsky" is virtual cloning of human organs.