The cost of decoding the human genome has dropped to $ 1000

This week, Veritas Genetics announced that it has reached an important milestone: the cost of participating in the complete genome decryption program has dropped to $ 1, 000. Just a few years ago, a similar service cost $ 100 million.

Reducing the cost of full genome sequencing has been the goal of many biotech and healthcare organizations over the years. Precision medicine, which looks for the causes of disease in specific genetic mutations, has become much more popular in recent years. But, despite the huge influx of funding, scientists and doctors have problems decoding personal genetic data.

For example, people with diabetes don't have just one mutation in one gene. They can have 20 or even 100 mutations that affect each other and can vary depending on the age, lifestyle and environment of the patient.

But to identify each small mutation, a complete decoding of the genome of a particular person is required. Until now, this has been too expensive a "pleasure" for scientists. Back in 2001, genome sequencing cost $ 100 million. Reducing the cost to $ 1000 will make genome acquisition much more affordable and provide researchers with the necessary data for the further development of genetics and precision medicine.