DARPA will connect a computer directly to the brain for direct communication

Pentagon Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA develops computers that can be integrated into the brain. The system, called NESD, is an implanted "neural interface". The project is estimated at $ 65 million.

According to representatives of DARPA, the computer will be used to restore impaired or lost vision, hearing and speech. Its size will not exceed 1 cubic meter. cm, which is commensurate with two coins folded together.

The computer will translate the language of electrochemical reactions into ones and zeros, that is, into the language of information technology. This essentially means that the brain can communicate directly with machines.

Phillip Alveld, the head of the NESD program, spoke about the importance of the program:

“By increasing the capacity of modern interfaces, we will be able to additionally attract more than a million neurons. The program is aimed at creating a full-fledged two-way communication with the brain, which will deepen our understanding of the complexity of the biological processes occurring in it ”.