Scientists believe cat videos fill people with positive energy

According to statistics, Internet views of videos featuring cats are breaking all imaginable and inconceivable records, which has attracted the attention of scientists. So last year, 2 million "cat videos" were registered on YouTube with 26 billion views.

According to the research conducted, in the process of these views, positive emotions are activated in viewers, and energy improves. This was confirmed by a survey conducted by Jessica Gell Myrick, a researcher at the Indiana University Media School, in which about 7, 000 people took part.

“We often enjoy watching online videos of cats, but so far no research has been done on why we do this and what impact it has on us, ” says Jessica sadly.

The vast majority of survey participants confirmed that they feel more energetic and positive after views, and the pleasure they receive makes them distract from heavy thoughts. In the future, Jessica is confident that watching her favorite “feline” videos will be widely used as an inexpensive and completely accessible method of pet therapy.