Scientists have identified objects that are much dirtier than a toilet bowl

If someone thinks that the toilet is the dirtiest place in the house, then they are deeply mistaken. It turns out that many things we come into contact with on a daily basis, such as a tube of lipstick or a room switch, are literally teeming with dangerous bacteria.

Take the kitchen sink, for example. So the dirt on her faucet is 44 times more than on the notorious toilet lid, and on a computer keyboard - 5 times more. Every square inch of a computer mouse contains 1, 600 bacteria. Your toothbrush is more likely to have particles of water from the toilet, as tiny droplets of water scatter within a radius of up to 6 meters when flushed.

Full of dirt on money, passed through thousands of hands - up to 200, 000 bacteria. This "dirty" list includes telephones, restaurant menus, and elevator buttons among the "leaders". Everyone who has bacteria on their hands gives them an average of 14 people every day.

According to doctors, if all this could be cleaned in a timely manner, the number of colds and other infectious diseases would be reduced significantly. However, since this is not possible, one thing remains - wash your hands regularly. But it turns out there are big problems with this too.

Dr. Lisa Ackerly, a leading hygiene expert at the University of Salford, authoritatively states that up to 50% of people do not wash their hands regularly, exposing themselves and others to dangerous infections.

How can you avoid this microbial nightmare? The answer is very simple: when you come home, you need to wash your hands regularly with soap and water.