Italian explorer prepares for an expedition on a drifting iceberg

Italian explorer Alex Bellini is preparing to make an unusual expedition. His goal is to spend a year inside a spherical capsule on top of an iceberg drifting off the coast of Greenland until it melts completely.

In this way, he intends to once again draw attention to the consequences of global warming, which will inevitably lead to the melting of Arctic glaciers and the rise in sea levels.

Alex Bellini is 36 years old, and he is well aware of the challenges ahead. To do this, he will need excellent physical and mental health. Experience he does not take. His assets include a run with a guide at a distance of 22.5 thousand kilometers and a rowing boat trip across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with a total length of 34 thousand kilometers.

The capsule, which will become Alex Bellini's home for a whole year, will be installed on special casters, which will give it the ability to rotate depending on the circumstances. The traveler does not exclude an extreme situation - the iceberg overturning when the capsule is in the icy water.

In this case, sensors are installed in the capsule, which will have to record vibrations inside the ice floe, and he will be able to adjust its fastenings. The life of the capsule will be provided by a wind generator, solar panels and Wi-Fi. Alex Bellini is currently looking for sponsors for this project called Adrift, which he hopes to start in November 2016.