Contrary to gloomy forecasts, the Earth is getting greener

According to Yu Li, one of the leading specialists at the University of New Wales, data obtained from satellites over the past 20 years clearly indicate that the green cover of the Earth has increased significantly.

This was largely facilitated by the movement of about 4 billion tons of carbon - the main "building" material of all living nature with the help of ocean currents and atmospheric flows.

The next favorable factors are the implementation of the tree planting program in China, the reforestation of abandoned lands in the republics of the former USSR and the intensification of the savannah grass cover growth due to heavy rains in recent years.

Even the large-scale deforestation of tropical forests in Brazil and Indonesia has not been able to significantly affect such an important positive dynamic. However, it is too early to rejoice. Four billion tonnes of carbon compounds, most of which is carbon dioxide CO2, is just a drop compared to the 60 billion tonnes trapped in the atmosphere during this time as a result of human activity.

Plants simply do not have time to "digest" such an amount of carbon dioxide, as a result of which a greenhouse effect, which is destructive for the Earth, is formed. The transformed savannas are also very vulnerable, since the period of heavy rains at any moment can be replaced by a severe drought.

According to Yu Li and his colleagues from other countries, in order for the tendency to restore the green cover of the Earth to become stable, it is necessary to significantly reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.