Indian and Russian scientists create new types of antibiotics based on curcumin

Researchers from Khaidarobad and Novosibirsk universities under the leadership of Ashvini Nanya and Elena Boldyreva are participating in the joint Indian-Russian project.

One of the main subjects of research has been curcumin, a substance found in the seasoning of turmeric. By its properties, curcumin is an antioxidant with antimalarial and antiseptic effects, which is so necessary in the prevention and treatment of various infections and even the prevention of cancer.

Indian scientists have proposed to create a crystal - a kind of tandem of antibiotic and curcumin molecules. Experts also call them co-crystals or multicomponent crystals, which Ashvini Nanya has been studying for many years.

The project participants are mainly young Russian and Indian scientists. The ultimate goal of their work should be drugs of a new type with the best technological and pharmacological parameters.