There are gamers among animals too

It seems that our smaller brothers are also not alien to the addiction to computers. And there are many examples of this. Coal turtles living in Austria are named Emily, Quinn, Esme and Molly. Besides the fact that they simply adore strawberries, corn and mushrooms, they have another unusual hobby - playing on tablets.

Biologist at the University of Vienna Julia Müller-Paula, together with her colleagues, taught reptiles to interact with touch screens on which 2 blue circles were displayed. If the turtle pointed its nose at a certain circle, it received a treat. Over time, two turtles developed a stable spatial perception.

The pygmy chimpanzee Kanzi from Iowa, who mastered about 400 lexigrams - images imitating words - achieved no less success. With their help, he learned to communicate with the researchers who patronized him.

The experience of introducing three Himalayan bears living in the Wilmer Zoo (USA) to the computer turned out to be successful. A well-protected screen was specially installed for them, and when they touched the necessary areas with their noses, they received a delicacy and pleasant music for their quick wits.

The list of computer-advanced animals can be continued. Among them are orangutans, penguins, cats. It is possible that soon special tablets with a set of computer games for our smaller brothers will appear in pet stores.