Jamaican sprinters' outstanding success - in the symmetry of their shins

For many years sprinters from the tiny state of Jamaica have been among the elite of world athletics. Suffice it to recall the king of the hundred-meter race Usain Bolt, who still owns the world achievements of recent years, or the two-time Olympic champion Shelley-Ann Fraser-Price. The list of great Jamaican athletes is far from limited.

Such impressive sports statistics piqued the interest of renowned anthropologist Robert Trivers, who decided to uncover the secret of this phenomenon. His research focused on the shins of outstanding Jamaican runners. In total, he examined 74 athletes and more than a hundred ordinary Jamaicans with similar physical parameters.

In the course of his work, Robert Trivers revealed an interesting pattern - the more symmetrical the shape of the shins of the sprinter, the higher the result, especially at the hundred-meter distance. The scientist explained this by not having to turn to the side, as long distance runners do, because they have to go around the stadium.

However, the symmetry of the shins is just a prerequisite for athletic success, which must be developed over many years of training. The more the athlete trains, the better the symmetry.

Robert Trivers is going to continue his research and get to the bottom of the genetic characteristics, thanks to which, perhaps, the Jamaicans received such a generous gift from nature. It is possible that the reason for this was the mixing of genes of African slaves brought to Jamaica with representatives of local tribes.