Nestle develops smart food concept

As you know, in order to lose weight, you must either "sit down" on one of the diets, or regularly visit the gym. However, more recently it became known that one of the world's largest manufacturers of sweets, Nestlé, is actively developing the concept of "smart food", which in the near future may become an alternative to exercise.

Bottled Exercise will be available as a pill or drink. Consuming them regularly, a person will burn the accumulated excess fat, as during training.

The concept is based on the research of scientists of the Geneva HQ company, who discovered an enzyme responsible for metabolism. In turn, a group of researchers Nestlé, dealing with the problems of diabetes and obesity, led by Kei Sakamoto, identified the enzyme AMPK, "tracking" the energy status of the body, which is activated during exercise.

The main task of scientists is to create a product that can activate the AMPK protein without resorting to exhausting physical exertion. This is especially true for older people with limited mobility. And yet, Kei Sakamoto made a reservation that no even the most perfect product can fully replace physical exercise.