Man-made coral reefs come to the rescue of the present

Coral reefs are a unique natural system in the depths of the World Ocean that performs several important functions. Due to their structure, reefs, like a breakwater, significantly reduce the strength of the tidal wave and at the same time are home to millions of living organisms.

Recently, however, due to the increased level of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the acidification of seawater has increased significantly, which has caused the gradual dissolution of coral reefs. This process is somewhat similar to the destruction of human teeth due to the high content of acids in food.

One of the projects to save a unique creation of nature was headed by Nell Bennett. Its idea is to create an artificial analogue of reefs, created from highly soluble and completely harmless components. According to the author of the project, the artificial reef will “sacrifice itself” throughout the year and, having completely dissolved, will enable the real reef to recover.

If urgent measures are not taken, then within the next century, coral reefs will finally disappear along with their unique inhabitants.