Text messaging helps people with diabetes

Despite notable advances in the treatment of diabetes, it still remains on the list of the most severe chronic diseases that millions of people suffer from. In this regard, the results of research at the Dulce Digital Medical Center, presented at a regular session of the American Diabetes Association in San Francisco, are of great interest. As it turns out, blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics can be adjusted using specific text messages.

These messages are in the nature of recommendations that can usually be heard at a doctor's appointment. Here are just a few of them. Remember to measure your blood sugar before and after physical activity. "Use small plates with your meals as the portions look larger and you will feel full." Tick ​​tock. Take your medicine at the same time. "

The study involved 126 volunteers with type 2 diabetes. They were randomly divided into two groups: with standard methods of diabetes control and with additional control through text messages. The second group received regular messages with advice on healthy eating, the benefits of physical activity, and requests to check their blood sugar levels and send back the results.

After six months of research, it was found that in patients from the second group, the hemoglobin content in the blood was significantly lower than in patients from the first group.

According to the renowned endocrinologist Dr. Athena Phyllis-Tsimikas, the use of mobile phones in the provision of medical care opens up new prospects, especially when it comes to low-income patients suffering from chronic diseases. Thanks to such advice messages, they do not need to go to the doctor and break away from everyday worries.