Physicists from St. Petersburg have developed light-emitting glasses

According to physicists at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, their development is another word in solar energy. The luminescent glasses created by them have an unusual property - under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, they begin to glow with white light.

As you know, under the influence of dust and ultraviolet rays, the efficiency of silicon solar cells is significantly reduced. To avoid this, it is necessary to install special protective glass screens.

If they are made of luminescent glass developed by St. Petersburg physicists, then the ability to glow will be added to the protective properties. This means that silicon batteries covered with such glass will receive an additional portion of light.

In order for the glass to acquire the ability to emit light, silver ions were added to it. The process looks like this: glass is lowered into silver salts brought to a temperature of 310 ° C. As a result, sodium ions are replaced by silver ions. A similar technology is used to produce ultra-strong Gorilla Glass.

Among the promising areas of using this unique development is the production of LEDs with a doubled service life.