The Englishman decided to spend three days as an experiment ... a goat

Thomas Thwaites, a 34-year-old researcher from London, conducted a rather unusual experiment, spending three days in a herd of goats in one of the areas of the Swiss Alps. To get used to the role of a goat, he made special prostheses that allow you to move on all fours. He even tried to make a goat stomach that would allow him to eat grass without any problems.

Scientists call this activity transhumanism, which, according to Thomas, will help people overcome stress and depression. After all, not all people dream of becoming cyborgs.

The path to the herd grazing on the slopes of the Alps was not easy for Thomas. In the beginning, he wanted to "try on" the skin of an elephant, but a familiar shaman rather harshly dissuaded him, calling him an idiot. Then Thomas decided to become ... a goat.

On the way to his dream, he had to enlist the help of former zoologist Dr. Glyn Heath, who helped create fancy prostheses for him, and a Swiss farmer who allowed Thomas into his herd.

The goat's life turned out to be not so cloudless. Walking with prostheses on all fours created a lot of inconvenience, and at night I still had to fight the cold. In addition, Thomas had to "convince" the herd that one of them.

At first, the goats, seeing his ridiculous movements, stopped chewing grass in surprise. After three days, Thomas decided to continue the experiment, but in the role of a lone goat.

Thomas was pleased with the results of the experiment. He is convinced that the goats recognized him and even made friends with him. He concluded by adding:

"I think it might be better for each of us to live a simple life."