Scientists find new evidence of intelligence in plants

Researchers taking part in the European project of the University of Florence have found new evidence for the existence of intelligence in plants. It turns out that they can not only fight pests, get the most out of nutrients, but also communicate with each other in a language still unknown to people.

One of the project participants, Stefano Mancuso and his colleagues from the laboratory of neurobiology, after analyzing the electrical activity of plants, found that they react to changes in the gravitational and electric fields, to chemicals and many other stimuli. The main task of scientists is to decipher the signals that plants generate at the same time.

In other words, scientists have to create a kind of plant alphabet, in which a certain impulse will correspond to each parameter (stimulus). Thus, by summarizing data from several plants, scientists will be able to compile a catalog of these signals. The result of this research will be unique technologies for environmental protection.