Japanese scientists have learned how to turn old cells into stem cells

An unexpected result was obtained by Japanese scientists from the RIKEN Biology Development Center. They managed to find a new way to obtain stem cells. In the future, this will significantly speed up the processes of regeneration of biological tissues.

Japanese biologists have made a sensational discovery. It turns out that with the help of acid, old cells of a biological organism can be turned into stem cells, which in turn can turn into a cell of any other type. So far, this method has been tested only on embryos of laboratory mice. If the research results are confirmed on human cells, this will open up new possibilities in the treatment of serious diseases.

The Japanese scientists hope that their discovery will allow the regeneration of organs right in the patient's body and even treat cancer. This method will be much cheaper than the usual method of stem cell transplantation and will minimize the risk of stem cell rejection. In addition, the technology can become an impetus for the development of new cloning mechanisms and will help control the division of cancer cells.