To preserve the population of bees, scientists will track their movement

In recent years, a very dangerous trend has emerged all over the world: bees abandon their hives and die for no apparent reason. In some countries, this figure has reached 50% of their population.

The mass death of bees threatens humanity with a catastrophe, since they pollinate a third of all plants that feed us. In monetary terms, this is about $ 200 billion per year. Imagine that without bees, we would have to forever give up tomatoes, lemons, avocados, berries, legumes and much more that are included in our daily diet.

So far, no one knows why bees abandon their hives. Today, pesticides, antibiotics and even cell phone signals are on the list of possible causes. A group of Australian researchers led by Dr. Paulo de Sousa tried to clarify the situation. They attached tiny, 3 mm wide sensors to the backs of 5, 000 bees in Tasmania. With their help, scientists will be able to control their migration.

Interestingly, before attaching the sensor to the bee, the place where it will be located is shaved, since the bees are rather shaggy. To do this, they are placed in the refrigerator for a few minutes so that they fall asleep. In the future, the installed sensors do not interfere with the bees at all to do their job.

As you know, bees are social insects and always return to their home. The change in their behavior means that the environment has changed. Research by Australian scientists will certainly help to bring the solution to this global problem closer.