Scientists develop an invisibility beam

For a long time, a person has dreamed of getting a superpower to stay out of the field of vision of other people. Scientists, usually supported by the military, do not stop looking for ways to invent invisibility. And it looks like researchers at the University of Singapore have come up with a real solution: "ray of darkness" that will make objects invisible to the human eye.

The main problem in the development of similar projects, for example, invisibility cloaks, was that the metamaterial from which they were made worked only in a narrow range of light wavelengths. Under certain conditions, such cloaks did hide objects, but at incorrect wavelengths, they became even more noticeable.

Singaporean scientists believe their method will work better. Using knowledge about directional light and how our eyes perceive objects, they have created a so-called "ray of darkness".

Imagine an out-of-focus subject: it appears blurry when you look at it. But it is enough to twist the lens, and the object is in focus. The invisibility beam works just the opposite - a laser with a special lens defocuses the light reflected from an object. As a result, the object disappears completely from the field of view.

According to scientists, the new technology is much more effective than the same invisibility cloaks. If the developers manage to bring the project to a realistic level, it will open up new perspectives in areas where stealth plays an important role - for example, espionage or military operations.