Scientist has discovered a new part of the human body

Professor Harminder Dua, who is engaged in medical research at the University of Nottingham, has discovered a previously unknown part of the human body. This is not a new bone or organ, he discovered a new layer of the cornea of ​​the human eye. In honor of the discoverer, the new layer was named Dua.

According to scientists, the Dua layer has become the sixth layer of the cornea, in addition to the five previously known. The professor and his team discovered it when they injected air into the cornea of ​​an eye donated for research. The scientists examined each layer of the cornea individually using an electron microscope.

The team of medical scientists believes that a rupture in the Dua layer may be the cause of corneal dropsy. This disease leads to the accumulation of fluid in the cornea, which leads to decreased visual acuity. The discovery of the new layer will help improve treatment outcomes for patients who have received a donor cornea transplant or an implant.