Rostec develops combat equipment "Sotnik" of the 4th generation

The Russian state corporation Rostec announced the beginning of the development of fourth generation combat equipment, which will replace the Sotnik (third generation) equipment. According to its representative, Bekkhan Ozdoev, the work is at an early stage. It is planned to equip the equipment with fundamentally new technologies, including robotic equipment and integrated information exchange systems.

The armor of the 4th generation, consisting of lightweight polyethylene fiber and armor plating capable of withstanding a 50-caliber bullet, will be used as protection. A fighter equipped with the updated "Centurion" will not experience problems in movement, which will give him the opportunity to take additional weight with him.

As conceived by the developers, "Sotnik" in the future will replace the equipment of the second generation "Ratnik", which is already in service, which includes 10 subsystems and 59 individual elements, including a modernized body armor capable of withstanding a 7.62 mm bullet, a helmet with an integrated night vision device, flashlight and communication system. In addition, the kit includes an autonomous heater, a backpack, an individual water filter and a first-aid kit.

The know-how of the new combat equipment includes an electrically controlled chameleon material, created by the team of the Ruselectronics holding, capable of changing color depending on the environment, a soldier's physical condition monitoring module and a passive exoskeleton that enhances physical capabilities and relieves some of the load from the joints.