Air Charge technology from Xiaomi will charge gadgets at a distance of several meters

Xiaomi has announced a new energy transfer technology for gadgets and home appliances called "Mi Air Charge Technology". It significantly expands the concept of "wireless environment", as it allows you to connect devices at a distance of several meters. Physical barriers are not a problem, plus up to five different power consumers can be recharged at the same time.

Air Charge is based on two principles. First, the emitter and receiver send signals to position themselves in space so that the system obtains clear coordinates to form a narrow beam. Secondly, millimeter-wave radiation is used here, which transfers energy, and at the receiver it is converted into electricity using a rectifier.

The charging station has an array of 144 separate phased antennas that are used to generate up to five beams of radiation directed in any direction. To obtain energy, you need to put a compact receiver on the smartphone's battery, which has an array of 14 antennas and a separate low-power beacon for signaling your position in space.

The maximum power of such a charging station is limited to 5 W. Xiaomi representatives assure that it will be compatible with the widest range of devices - speakers, lamps, smartwatches, fitness bracelets, etc. However, the company is not ready to show the system in operation this year, and has not yet named a specific date for the appearance of commercial products based on it.