Google joins forces with Sanofi to fight diabetes

The spectrum of interests of the Internet giant Google is wide and has long gone beyond the boundaries of the mobile and computer markets, as well as Internet systems. Many have heard of the ambitious self-driving car project. And now Google has teamed up with pharmaceutical company Sanofi to fight diabetes.

The health research arm of Google Life Sciences will work with Sanofi to explore new ways to manage and treat diabetes, which affects nearly 30 million people in the United States alone. The cooperation will develop a small device that constantly collects statistics, and special software, which, based on the collected data, will help in choosing new treatment courses.

It is speculated that Google could create a device that automatically adjusts the amount of medications a patient receives based on blood sugar levels.

“With Sanofi, we can try to prevent diabetes with a proactive and preventative approach, ” says Life Sciences head Andrew Konrad.