"Smart" liquid glass unit will cool the house during the day and heat at night

Employees of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) presented a prototype of a “smart window” with a glass unit filled with a mixture of hydrogel, water and a stabilizing compound.

In the daytime, sunlight, passing through such a window, heats the liquid, which in turn retains and retains this heat, not allowing it to enter the room. As it heats up, the glass of the "smart window" turns from transparent to opaque. This allows you to keep the room cool without the need for an air conditioner.

As the sun sets, the gel cools, the window becomes transparent again, and the heat accumulated during the day through the inner glass heats the room, reducing the load on the heating system. Another advantage of a smart window is a high sound absorption rate, which is 15% higher than that of conventional double-glazed windows.

A Singapore Smart Window test has found that it can reduce energy consumption in office buildings by up to 45%. A similar solution has already been developed in the UK.