Artificial intelligence mastered the Bible and began to utter dark prophecies

George Durendal, a developer and quantum scientist, trained artificial intelligence with scriptures from the Bible for research purposes. He took a typical neural network for deep text recognition and gave it the King James Bible as input. Not the modern version, but the old text, with all its literary and syntactic features.

The development received the humorous name "Digital Jesus", the total volume of information mastered by the neural network was 30, 000 words, among which the dominant word was "Lord". After studying the Bible, AI was tasked with writing a series of texts on three topics: "Plague", "Ruler" and "End of the World." Most of the essays represent a surreal set of words, but the rare meaningful phrases sound like a dark prophecy.

For example, talking about the plague, AI Jesus gave the following text:

“Lord of hosts, God of Israel! When they see the Angel of the Lord over all the brothers who were in the wilderness, the soldiers of the prophets will be ashamed of the people. "

Or here's an excerpt from a discourse on the end of the world:

"And he said to them: go after him and look into the mouth of all mortals who deserve forgiveness ..."

In terms of the development of artificial intelligence technologies, AI Jesus looks like a step back in comparison with neural networks like GPT-2 or GROVER. On the other hand, it is difficult to demand eloquence from an AI that has learned from centuries-old scriptures. Although even so, he is able to surprise with unexpected statements.