The ingenious DiceKeys generate super complex passwords with one roll of the dice

Stuart Schechter, a cryptographer at the University of California, has developed a set of bricks that solves many of today's password problems. It consists of 25 cubes with numbers and symbols, with the help of which you can generate a mathematically unpredictable cryptographic password of any complexity. Schechter called his development DiceKeys.

The passwords generated by DiceKeys can be used on their own, or an additional layer of protection can be added. For example, use them as the basis for master passwords of password manager programs (which have long been an urgent need in the modern world). Or as the seed for generating a two-factor authentication key.

DiceKeys works as follows. The user shakes the cubes in the bag and pours them into the plastic box of the set. Then he closes it with a transparent lid - and the password dropped on the dice is forever saved in the box. After that, it remains to scan the box using the companion application to generate a cryptographic key from the symbols on the dice. The application is designed so that no data leaves the user's smartphone.

Due to the fact that dice can throw different numbers and symbols, as well as "look" in different directions, the DiceKeys set has 196 bits of entropy. This provides each cube with 2196 different positions. According to Schechter's calculations, the number of combinations of a complete set is approximately equal to the number of atoms in 4-5 thousand solar systems. This means that it is not possible to crack such a password using modern technologies.

DiceKeys are now available for pre-order for $ 25. Deliveries are due to begin in January next year.