Cold Tube system perfectly cools rooms using only half the energy of conventional air conditioners

Air conditioners are a convenient way to cool the air inside buildings, but they consume a tremendous amount of energy. An international team of scientists from five universities has developed the Cold Tube System to address this problem. It absorbs the heat generated by human bodies and uses only half the energy of traditional systems.

Modern air conditioners work by cooling and drying the air around us - an expensive and not particularly environmentally friendly process. The Cold Tube works by directly absorbing heat radiated from human bodies, rather than cooling the surrounding air. This allows you to drastically reduce the power requirement of the system.

To absorb heat, rectangular wall or ceiling panels are used through which running cold water flows. The panels are covered with an innovative sealed membrane that repels moisture to avoid condensation. In this case, the membrane allows thermal radiation to pass through the material unhindered. A person standing at such a panel will feel a pleasant coolness, since the heat of his body will be naturally absorbed by the water passing under the membrane. The system has already been tested in Singapore in a 30-degree heat.

According to the developers, the current design of the Cold Tube makes it suitable for outdoor events such as concerts, fairs and festivals. But their main goal is to make it suitable for indoor use, so that it can replace traditional inefficient air conditioners. This work is especially important in the face of continuous rise in average temperatures around the globe.