A window with a water glass unit will warm the house in winter and cool it in summer

Mathias Gutay, a professor of architecture at Loughborough University (UK), has developed a new type of window, in which the glass unit is filled with water. Ordinary windows have typical "seasonal" problems - in winter they keep heat poorly, and in summer they warm up in the sun, transferring unnecessary heat into the room.

The internal glass unit of the window, designed by Gutai, is filled with water. When sunlight passes through it, water is heated, which prevents the penetration of heat into the room. As soon as the water temperature reaches a certain mark, it is pumped out into a special tank, and cold water is pumped in instead.

When the outside temperature drops, the accumulated warm water flows into the wall-mounted heating system and heats the rooms. The heated water can also be used for domestic purposes.

According to Matias Gutai, despite the fact that a transfer pump requires a certain amount of electricity, these costs are still less than the costs of operating heating and air conditioning systems.