Scientists have found that modern electronics interferes with bird migration

The space around us is overflowing with electromagnetic signals. Most of them do not cause any harm to living things, but recent studies have shown that amplitude-modulated waves (AM waves) disorient some species of birds, in particular the European robin during the migration period.

Henrik Mouritsen, a researcher at the University of Oldenburg, became interested in this problem. The fact is that migratory birds orient themselves in space using an internal magnetic compass, but recently, at some point, it ceases to function, and the birds completely lose their orientation. To determine the cause, the scientist changed the lighting, bird nutrition and even the shape of the experimental cage.

A breakthrough in research came when Mouritsen shielded the cage with an aluminum screen. After that, the birds again began to orient themselves in space without errors. Wi-Fi signals, mobile phone signals and the magnetic field of power lines were above suspicion.

The cause of "electrosmog" was AM radio waves, electromagnetic fields of computers and some types of electronics. Refrigerators and printers were also among the "suspects". Alas, we have to admit that pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum has been added to the "traditional" types of environmental pollution.