Polar bears will teach us not to freeze in the harsh winter

It is quite difficult for a person to escape from the cold, which cannot be said about polar bears. If the former need a huge amount of clothes and warming gadgets, the latter comfortably walk in severe frosts in a thin fur coat. And European scientists have practically solved the riddle of how polar bears manage to feel great in winter.

A group of scientists from Belgium and Morocco, led by Priscilla Simonis, conducted a series of studies, during which they managed to find out how polar bears manage to maintain the same body temperature even in 40-degree frost. It's all about the special structure of the fur, which minimizes heat loss. To understand this, scientists had to revise their ideas about the transfer of thermal energy. As it turned out, to a greater extent, heat is transferred not due to the chaotic movement of neighboring atoms, but through thermal electromagnetic radiation.

Not the least role in keeping warm is played by the light color of the fur, which, in comparison with the dark one, attracts cold to a lesser extent.

Scientists hope that their research will create a thin but warm enough fabric and new unique materials for thermal insulation of buildings.