Microsoft introduced a bra that saves you from overeating

As you know, many women are prone to overeating. They seize experiences and stress with deliciousness, but this leads to an increase in body weight. To avoid this problem, Microsoft offers the fairer sex to use the unique bra.

Microsoft Research has unveiled a prototype bra that will allow its owner to avoid overeating. It detects the state of the body and, at the moment of stress, sends notifications via Bluetooth to a smartphone with a special application installed.

The state of the body and the mood of the user is monitored using special sensors and sensors, including an accelerometer and a gyroscope. They are built into the cups and corset of the bra and allow you to determine the heart rate and respiration rate, electrodermal activity or skin conductivity, and even take an electrocardiogram.

Autonomous operation of the unique women's underwear is provided by the built-in 3, 7-volt rechargeable battery. True, its charge is enough for only 4 hours of work.

Microsoft has already tested the bra's performance on a group of volunteers. But it is not yet clear whether it will go on sale or will remain at the prototype level.

The creation of high-tech lingerie promises to be a trend this fall. The Greeks unveiled a bra that sends messages to Twitter last month.