Taiwanese Scientists Suggest CD-ROM Waste Water Treatment

Many of us have at least a dozen unnecessary CDs that are just gathering dust on the shelf, but it's a shame to throw them away. Taiwanese scientists suggest using them for wastewater treatment.

According to a research team from National Taiwan University, CDs can be used for wastewater treatment. They propose using the surface of optical discs as a platform for growing zinc oxide nanorods. It, in turn, is used as a photocatalyst for the destruction of organic compounds contained in water by ultraviolet light.

The discs are proposed to be used in a special reactor for water purification. Such a device will be able to purify water at a rate of 150 ml per minute. During the experiment, scientists managed to completely purify about 30 liters of water. Scientists also tested the operation of the installation using the example of an organic methyl orange solution, 95% of organic compounds of which disintegrated in an hour.

The new setup will be officially unveiled on October 6 at the annual conference of the US Optical Society in Florida, USA.