Japan is serious about building a spaceport in Tokyo Bay

Organization "Spaceport Japan" (Spaceport Japan) presented the concept of the future grandiose multifunctional space tourism center. The construction of the size of a small city is planned to be located in Tokyo Bay. The idea is extremely ambitious - by 2050, the turnover in this industry will reach over a trillion dollars, and the Japanese intend to dominate it.

The most successful space tourism company today is Virgin Galactic, whose model for delivering customers into space is considered the most promising by experts. Nothing better for mass commercial travel is likely to emerge in the first half of the century, so the future spaceport is initially designed to serve the giant WhiteKnightTwo launch aircraft. The presented concept has three huge terminal hangars for them, plus spacious taxiways and runways.

It is noteworthy that it is not planned to accept conventional aircraft at the spaceport; this facility is entirely dedicated to the space industry. The appearance of the futuristic building was designed by Noiz Architects, inside there is a 4D cinema, a museum of cosmonautics, gyms and swimming pools, a center for simulating zero gravity, and many tourist facilities. Spaceport Japan has 25 permanent members and 30 temporary members, all representatives of large Japanese business, and each member has his own interest in this project.

However, there is a small discrepancy - Virgin Galactic itself is cool about the project. Instead, by 2022, it plans to build its own spaceport in the Japanese city of Oita, which will become its Asian branch. But the ideologues of Spaceport Japan are not discouraged and urge to look to the future, when technologies for sending tourists into space will become more accessible and a really large-scale infrastructure is required for this business.