Sinn Power offshore platform will collect wind, water and sun energy at the same time

The German company Sinn Power has unveiled a concept for a universal ocean power generator in the form of a floating platform with three components. The first is a float system for extracting wave energy. In second place are solar panels. Completing the list is a set of small wind turbines. The system is modular and can be used in different weather conditions, always being able to receive energy from at least one source.

The heart of the generator is the float system, which is still the only thing that has been embodied in reality. As conceived by the engineers, the heavy platform has a very small positive buoyancy, so when the waves hit it, it almost does not shift, and all the energy goes into the movable floats. The amplitude of their movement reaches 3 m, due to which the system collects the energy of waves from 2 to 6 m high, converting the movement of the floats into electricity. Namely, up to 24 kW from each float on one section of the platform, but this is in ideal conditions.

Each section is a square with a side of 12 m, in the corners of which there are floats (under water) and wind turbine masts (above water). The latter can generate up to 6 kW under the same conditions as floats. The entire area of ​​the section is allocated for space for placing solar panels, which will provide an additional 20 kW of power. These sections can be combined in arbitrary quantities, depending on the needs of consumers, placed far out to sea and transmitted energy to the shore by cable.