Google is preparing to launch its own payment smart card

Inside information indicates that Google is close to issuing its own payment card. The key feature of the novelty is in the “smart” prefix, it will be not just an analogue of a bank card, but a multifunctional tool.

Some analysts saw in the news a direct desire of Google to compete with a similar Apple Card, and in the very near future. The pandemic has shown that users and their activities are increasingly moving online, and therefore the availability of such a financial instrument is beneficial for a company that specializes in information processing. And yes, there are already concerns that with the help of such maps, Google will gain even more control over the personal data of its users.

Several options are mentioned in the information on new cards. For example, the virtual and physical card will be two copies that work fine without each other. You can pay with one on the Internet, and the second in real stores, and if something happens to any, it can be easily blocked, while the second is fully operational. Cards can be freely replenished and withdrawn money from them in any convenient way.