Smart paint turns the armrest of your sofa into a remote control

Imagine that you no longer need remote controls, and to manipulate the TV menus, you just need to pat the sofa on which you are sitting. Or, to turn on the lighting in the room, you can touch any part of the wall, and not fumble for the switch. The new spray sensor technology SprayableTech from scientists from MIT (USA) is designed for such and wider purposes.

The work begins with the design of the future management tool. Since the system distinguishes only the fact of touch, then to enter specific values, you need to use something like a ruler - where the user touches, such a parameter is transmitted. If this is a light dimmer that can take four values, then it is enough to draw four buttons and bring tracks to them, which will be connected to the microcontroller. It is he who interprets the touch into commands.

The drawing itself is created with a special paint with a reaction to touch, which generates short electrical impulses. The drawing can be tiny or huge, hidden or specially created for public spaces. There are no restrictions on what to draw and what commands to send where. For example, you can draw a defensive line that triggers a siren sound when stepped on. Or turn on additional lighting if someone sits on a park bench at night. The authors of the technology hope that with the help of artists and designers they will be able to create a new, interactive architecture of cities, where the entire environment will interact with humans.