Graphene-based dressing heals wounds and monitors the patient's condition

For patients with chronic, poorly healing wounds, it is very important that the doctor has constant information about their condition. Scientists at Grapheal, a biotech startup in France, are currently working on a graphene-based bandage device that can solve this problem.

The dressing consists of a polymer film and built-in flexible electronics, which includes graphene electrodes that are in direct contact with the wound.

As the chemical composition of the wound changes (for example, when the pH level rises), the conductivity of graphene electrodes changes. This information is transmitted wirelessly from the headband to the nearest smartphone or tablet, and from there to the cloud server for analysis. In addition, graphene dressing is already known to have antibacterial properties, helping in wound healing.

Trials of the new technology with volunteers are expected to begin shortly, and commercial deployment within about three years.