Send Logitech a snapshot of your ear for a unique edge in video games

Logitech has announced a new product - the Immerse app for headphones, which will adapt their sound to the biological characteristics of the ears of a particular user. This is not about improving the overall sound, but about highlighting key signals in computer games. For example, so that the gamer can accurately calculate the distance to a group of enemies and their number only by the sounds of footsteps.

The application was developed by the company Embody, which specializes in solutions for spatial sound. The program is based on artificial intelligence, which literally needs to show its ear - take a photo with a smartphone and send it for analysis. The AI ​​will study the structure of your auricle and draw up a map of the ear to calculate how a particular user will perceive different sounds.

Since data processing is carried out remotely, the service is not free either - the cost of a subscription is $ 3 per month. You will also need a headset with service support, such as the Logitech G433. The brand acts as a guide for Immerse to the market and has already taken care of adapting a wide range of its products, including the G Pro X and Pro, as well as the Logitech G533, the “dream headsets” for PCs in 2017. However, Embody is not limited to cooperation with Logitech - the developers have already announced support for Beyerdynamic products. Probably, in the future, the service will become available for other headphone manufacturers as well.