Alphabet's next epic project: protecting the world's oceans

Lake Victoria Fish Farms, Kenya

Subdivision X - Moonshot factory of Alphabet holding (parent organization of Google - ed. Techcult) on Sunday announced a new project "Tidal". Its global goal is to conserve the world's oceans and its food resources.

To implement the project, a system of underwater cameras and artificial intelligence devices will be used to observe fish, record its behavior and monitor the environment. All this will help fish farmers to control the process of fish breeding - in particular, monitor their health and avoid overfeeding. According to the Financial Times, Tidal is already working with farms located in Europe and Asia.

The history of the company "X" is about 10 years old. During this time, her team has developed several projects, including a network of Internet relay balloons and its own series of Waymo drones. Alphabet expects to create a kind of technology incubator on the basis of the division for growth outside of its main digital and advertising business, which will require significant investments.

The Tidal project has been in development for three years. As Project CEO Neil Dave explains on his blog:

“Fish have a lower carbon footprint than other sources of animal protein and are critical to providing food for three billion people today. Therefore, helping fish farmers can be extremely valuable for both humanity and the health of the ocean. ”