First AI Police Officer enters New Zealand

Starting next Monday, a new officer named Ella will be welcoming visitors at the National Police Headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand. She is an artificial intelligence specially designed for the needs of the police management of local IT companies Intela AI and Soul Machines. Ella has no body, does not know how to patrol the streets, but is infinitely patient and benevolent to her interlocutors.

Over the next three months, Ella's skills will be tested in real time on real visitors, employees and visitors to the police headquarters. AI has only the functions of a consultant, but it will be obliged to collect statistics on the behavior of the people with whom it interacts. This will allow her to work better with them later on.

Ella is trained to conduct a direct dialogue with visitors, using not only synthesized speech, but also facial expressions, body language, emotional statements. AI reads the same information from its interlocutor, learns to understand him, delve into the essence of the problem in order to give a more accurate answer. She can advise on basic police services, help contact emergency services, or simply listen to those who have a message.

The police stressed that they do not specifically provide AI with access to legal information, to personal information and many other types of knowledge - Ella is a highly specialized employee who will have to perform a clearly defined range of tasks.